About Us

At Infinity Chess (IC), we cater more than just playing chess. You can download our new professional free client chess software with charismatic graphics and highly dedicated functionalities, now you can improve your game and ratings by learning and competing against a diversified group of opponents & watching live broadcasts of top players from all over the chess world through our live stream channel, in which you can also participate via live chat.

You can take part in tournaments and organize your own won tournaments; you can play for ‘Fini’, our Infinity Chess currency, convertible to Euro and US-Dollar. Infinity Chess incorporates ease of use with rich and modified features, Windows interface for analyzing games in offline and online Module, Support is available for all Universal Chess Interface (UCI) chess engines, Assorted rooms for all kind of activities, you can match-up in different play modes, i.e., human, engine and centaur. Start playing chess straight away as a guest or create your own account today and experience the best of chess.