Portrait of Alvin Alcala

From a Chess Piece on Freestyle Chess by Bobby Ang, posted in:

April 24, 2014 - Manila

"...Now, the BW reader might ask, why would we be interested in an event where people with computers grind away at each other for 100+ moves hoping for a mouseslip?

The reason why we should be interested is that the second-placer, Maximus, is a Filipino by the name of Alvin Alcala who all by himself competed against powerhouse computer teams and hardware clusters from the USA, Germany, Russia, etc.

The top-placer Intagrand, for example, is an entire team made up of Anson Williams, David Evans (former Freestyle champion), Nelson Hernandez (Top bookmaker and database collector) and Yingheng Chen (the only existing active female Freestyler in the world).

Our hero Alvin used server grade computers 16 cores Intel Xeon, 24 cores AMD Opteron and desktop grade AMD computers 8 cores and 6 cores rented on remote. The engine of his choice is Houdini 4, Komodo TCEC (TCEC means this is the version which competed and won the 5th season of the Thoresen Chess Engines Competition, or TCEC) and the latest stable development version of Stockfish.