Updated Preview on InfinityChess Team Cup 2015
· Start: 1st February.
· Participants: 8 teams of 4 players each.
· Play mode: Engine only.
· Rate of Play: 60m + 15s.
· Books: Up to 12 moves are allowed. (new!)
· Tournament System: Scheveningen.
"All play all" round robin system, which means, everyone plays a match vs. each player of all other teams. 28 games by each player, colour change after each game. The score system is based on the total of points per board.

The pairings will be published soon after registration, which closes on 21st January.
· Team mode: One engine for one team.
All members of a team have to use the same engine (and engine version) for all matches.
· Teams:
2 Cryptic teams
2 Houdini teams
2 Komodo teams
2 Stockfish teams
· Team captains: Teams are put up and represented by their captains.
For example: Every regular user on InfinityChess can be team captain and ask other regular players to join his team. The team captain will be responsible for all matters related to his team. (Lists with the names of team captains, players and completed teams are published on info tab in the tour room inside the server.)
· Requirements: Only regular players on Infinitychess.
A minimum of 100 rapid games in the last 30 days before registration is needed. These can be tour games and/or games in engine hall.
· Proof of Identiy: Players have to proof their identities.
By copy of ID card, passport or driver license (as part of completing registration process).
· Registration: until 21st January 2015.
Two Cryptic teams are already registered by the sponsor. The registration of the other 6 teams (2 Houdini, 2 Komodo and 2 Stockfish) will be done according to the teams rapid tour ratings on 21st January, 23:00 server time. (The highest rated team has the first engine choice etc. - for details see info tab in the tour room.)
· Prizes: Total prize fund 24000 €.
Prize money will be distributed to the Fini accounts of the winners. Conversion of this prize money to other currencies will be possible via PayPal.
Team Prizes
1st 6 000 €
2nd 4 000 €
3rd 2 000 €
In case of a tie prizes will be divided between the tied teams. (No tie-break matches, no Buchholz or Sonneborn Berger points applying.)

Individual Prizes
1st 4 800 €
2nd 3 600 €
3rd 2 400 €
4th 1 200 €

One individual prize per engine. Players with the highest scores for Cryptic, Houdini, Komodo and Stockfish will be awarded an individual prize.
1st prize for the player with the highest overall performance. 2nd prize for the player with the highest score of next best engine, 3rd prize accordingly, etc.
In case of a tie (2 or more players representing the same engine with same score) the individual prize will be divided among those players. No tie-break matches, no Buchholz or Sonneborn Berger points applying.)
· Tournament Rules: "Rules for Engine Masters Tournaments" apply in all other details, as far applicable for this team event.
InfinityChess, 21st January, 2015.