Frequently asked questions

Bix Book Making and work flow!

Q1. Two Engines Running in Task Manager?

Ans. Yes, if you are using CTG book in infinity chess, than it’s happened, actually one is a CTG adapter it’s not using your much CPU power and the 2 nd One is Actually the Engine that play move.

Q2. I have a 32bit computer and after install Infinity chess CTG book not working for me?

Ans.32 bit computers: Please change the installer path from C:\Program Files\InnovativeSolutions to C:\Program Files (x86)\InnovativeSolutions to be able to use CTG option.

Q3. Engine Stop working during a game or show low Kn/s?

Ans. Sometimes it’s happened due to any reason, in this situation we recommended:
Please“End Task” Infinity chess through Task Manager without resign the game and log back in your game start automatically, after re-login if engine start thinking but not play a move we recommended to press“Reconnect” Button in Ribbon bar.

Q4. Where are my games saved?

Ans. All online engine Games save automatically in a file name“My online Engine games” to (My Doc"s – Infinity Chess- data- Database Folder).

All online engine tournament Games save automatically in a file name“My online Engine tournament games” to (My Doc"s – Infinity Chess- data- Database Folder).

You can see these games by open offline client and pressF12 (open Database) than select you desire database from a combo box in upper right side of database window.

Q5. How I convert my icd games into pgn?

Ans. There are 2 options to convert icd games into PGN.

1. Option one.

a) Go to offline mode open database window by pressing F12 open your games.

b) Select all games by pressing Ctrl + A, or select multiple games by pressing Ctrl + mouse click.

c) Right click on selected games go for output à Selection to text file than select PGN give a file name and press save button.

2. Option two.

a) Go to offline mode “Board” tab in ribbon bar press “ Convert ” button Select an ICD database file from (My Doc"s – Infinity Chess- data- Database Folder) and press ICD to PGN button.

b) PGN database created at same path (My Doc"s – Infinity Chess- data- Database Folder).

Q6. How I use table bases?

Ans. For now, Infinity chess not have any option to use table bases through GUI, but you can use table bases though Engine Parameters, just set the path of your table bases folder in engine parameters.

Q7. How I use my CTG book here on infinity chess?

Ans. Please Follow the below steps:

1. Login with your registered username in infinity chess.

2. Go to Engine Hall or other Engine playing room.

3. Click on playing Mode in ribbon bar.

4. Select Computer mode and press Define CTG book button.

5. An option window open in which select your Engine by pressing Browse Engine button.

6. Set hash size, Check permanent Brain check box.

7. Set engine Parameters by clicking Engine Parameters Button.

8. Select your CTG book by clicking Browse Book button. (Book must be in My Doc"s- Chess base-Book) folder.

9. Select your desire move depth.

10. Press ok and enjoy!

Tips for Maximum Performance on Infinity Chess!

1.UCI Engine: Copy and Paste UCI engines to (My Doc"s – Infinity Chess- data- Engine"s Folder) Create UCI’s from this location.

2.CTG Books: Keep your CTG books in the Chess base default folder! (My Doc"s- Chess base-Book. Create paths to book for Default location.

3. Playing Mode: After logging on Infinity Chess, go to the Playing room you want, example. Human, Engine, Tournament Room, Then select Playing Mode – Human, Engine, Centaur, as needed for the room you’re playing in!

4. Make sure your Windows OS has been updated!

5. When leaving the room’s exam... Rebooting, reloading etc... Once you return Always check to make sure you are in the correct Playing Mode! If you have to log off or get disconnected when game is in play and you log back in, playing mode is saved and game will resume automatically!

6. If you have more than 2 pending updates of Infinity Software, it may help to uninstall and do a fresh install!