Bad Day for the "Fish's"     
6 hours, 1 minute ago

Seven games decided, yet still no player with +2. What an amazing start for an Open tournament with nearly 80 players. Actually 18 players have +1, If it goes on like this, what I don't really believe...
Increasing Rate of Draws, but exciting Games     
2 days, 5 hours ago

Three rounds played and the field is still tight. No player achieved more than +1, and there are many with that score. It's too early for any statistics, but it seems we have to expect a high percentage of drawn games, something around 85 to 90 %.
ArKheiN and Newton296 awarded for their 2nd Round Games     
3 days, 4 hours ago

Sometimes it's hard to decide, which players and games should be awarded. No, it was not one of the three decided games. This time some drawn games were not only more dramatic, but also unique on a high combative level.
Zor and EtaoinShrdlu awarded for their 1st Round Games     
5 days, 5 hours ago

The Ultimate Challenge Tournament 2017 has started with 78 participants, among them 30% centaur players and 70% pure engine players. The majority of the 38 games in the 1st round were engine vs. centaur matches.
All-time Engine Masters Table, March 2017     
1 month, 15 days ago

Who are the best and most active players in 26 Engine Masters Tournaments? Look up here...
Exciting Finish of MCDermont vs. Paul     
2 months, 3 days ago

The duel of MCDermont and Paul started at round 6 and lasted til the very end. Paul had taken the lead at round 4 by defeating Murx with the black pieces. For any reason Murx experimented with 4.Bc4 instead of 4.Ba4 in the RuyLopez...
Houdini's Amazing Comeback     
4 months, 11 days ago

Only three of 30 participants in the 25th Engine Masters Rapid Tournament played all their games with the new Houdini engine, but one of them made the difference!
All-time Engine Masters Table Nov. 2016     
4 months, 30 days ago

Who are the most successful and most active engine players in rapid chess? Look up here.
Izanagi's One Man Show     
5 months, 23 days ago

The 24th Engine Masters Tournament had two clear cut stages: round 1-6, when seven players achieved at least one win, as shown in our progress table. After that it was a one man's show by Izanagi (Jitan Stribal)...
Victorious' Comeback     
7 months, 3 days ago

For a long time, 21 tournaments, Victorious (Gerrit Hoogeven), enjoyed the unofficial title "All-time Engine Master", although it had been a long way back since he won his last Engine Masters tournament.

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